Iranian Weapon Aid

Ongoing investigation over Iranian weapon assistance claims has sparked much debate and speculation in regards to the United States ensuing moves. The Iran dossier has not yet been released but assumptions about the derivation of Explosively Formed Projectiles (EFP's) are very clear. The American Defense Intelligence Agency has traced many of these weapons back to the Iranian government. If Iran is playing this part in the war, it is an unquestionable, fatal act against the United States that requires our attention. While confidentiality-related issues have prevented this file from being released, it has certainly not stopped constant dispute over actions that the United States should and should not take. The majority of the opinions and proposals are based around the option of going to war with Iran.

The foremost motivation for going to war with Iran is quite obvious; theoretically, Iran is openly supporting our Insurgent enemies in war. The EFP weapons are the most deadly form of an improvised deadly explosive that our troops have seen in Iraq. One soldier is quoted as saying, "They're (EFP's) focused and they're aimed. ... It's going to take anything out in its way, go in one side and out the other." This assistance of the Shiite Insurgents is directly correlated to American deaths in Iraq.

While this insubordination could be a distinct cause for war, however, there are clear faults involving a lack of physical power and convicting evidence, tied to lessons learned in past experiences. These shortcomings strongly outweigh the reasons towards extreme action. One outstanding hurdle in a decision towards war would be a glaring deficiency in available soldiers. Consequently, Congress would have to re-instate the much maligned draft to vastly increase the numbers. The Weapon's of Mass Destruction (WMD) blunder that occurred several years ago still shines brightly in the eyes of many. It is sensible that this proclaimed evidence will be received with much scrutiny for its obvious parallels to the WMD claims. Until any skepticism or doubt is erased, it is feasible that no extreme action be taken. In addition, in contrast with the Iraqi occupation, Iran is a much more dangerous foe for reasons such as fighting prowess, various allies, organization and sufficient preparation time.

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