Why don’t the Democrats Party with Osama?

This past week the Democratic leadership proved to be a disgrace, a group of men and women who should be charged for treason, not lead our nation. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is first on the list of the dishonored. Crossing over any line of decency and ethics for small political gain, he met with the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Mohammed Saad el-Katatni. The Muslim Brotherhood is an Islamic fundamentalist organization that has caused violence throughout the Middle East in the past and influenced Osama bin Laden to establish al-Qaeda, the group responsible for the September 11th terrorist attacks. The organization also supports Palestinian terrorism against Israeli civilians. In short, the Muslim Brotherhood stands hostile to all U.S. interests in the area. The meeting between Hoyer and el-Katatni itself is harmful because it could have potentially alienate Egypt’s President Mubarak, who is a strategic partner for the U.S. in the Middle East. In addition, lets not forget that Hoyer doesn’t have any constitutional right to conduct foreign policy and shouldn’t defy any pleads from the Bush administration and the Department of State not to conduct controversial and indeed harmful encounters with foreigners.

Hoyer’s partymate in the Senate, Nancy Pelosi, proved to just as dirty. She set off to Israel and Syria as if she was the Secretary of State, trying to serve as a mediator between the two countries by passing, what turned out to be false, messages. She seemed to have forgotten that the United States already has a Secretary of State and that she doesn’t have political power to act as an American foreign affairs spokeswoman. Whatever she said to both Israeli and Syrian leaders could be destructive, since they could have interpret it as official American statements and acted accordingly. Furthermore, just the fact that she is willing to communicate with a country that sponsors terrorism, serves as a satellite of Iran, and arms Hezbollah, a terrorist organization that has waged war against Israel this past summer, is disdainful.

One could perhaps argue that Hoyer’s and Pelosi’s meetings with the Muslim Brotherhood and Syria were necessary because it’s important to have communications with our enemies. However, this argument doesn’t have a sound basis. If the United States needs to negotiate or communicate with either Syrian or Muslim Brotherhood’s leader, the U.S. can do so through unofficial, secret meetings. It doesn’t need traitors with fancy titles and ill moral to do that work.


USpace said...

Good one, well stated, Pelosi and the Dhimmicrats are pathetic...

absurd thought –
God of the Universe says
push bad agendas

get away with treason
fine if you’re a Democrat

Demosthenes said...

I agree with your condemnation of the Muslim Brotherhood, but in light of the remarkable failure of the Bush administration's attempts to goad Syria into cooperation through isolation, a bit of diplomacy seems rather timely. As a Shiite minority ruling a Sunni majority, Syria's regime has little to gain from the spread of religious warfare in Iraq, and its embrace of Iran seems like a marriage of convenience rather than any sort of compatibility. Syria has also demonstrated a willingness to negotiate with Israel, and given its influence in Lebanon this should not be taken lightly. Engaging the terrorist-sponsoring regime of Lybia convinced it to abandon a nascent nuclear program and become more accountable internationally, and there is no reason to assume that the comparatively mild regime in Syria would not be similarly amenable. The United States should not be ashamed to engage questionable regimes; it counts Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan as firm allies, after all.

Bush should be negotiating with Syria and Iran, but he has so little domestic and international credibility at this point that it's almost a relief to see Pelosi in the Middle East. Smart international players recognize the influence she already wields, which will likely increase after the next presidential election. One can only hope she can achieve some positive results now, because our president has certainly lost the capacity.

USpace said...

The best reason for the US to speak to lying, fanatical terrorist supporters is to goad them into saying outrageous things on the record that will expose them for the totally insane Islamofacists-backers and totalitarians they really are. The more these wackos talk, the more the Left will wake-up some. Hopefully...

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hug a terrorist today
for they all just want peace

bh17 said...

Pelosi's engagement with Syria was definately a debatable move, especially for the reasons stated in this article. Without backing from Congress, this rogue mission to negotiate with a very questionable regime may have some type of hidden agenda, but it is doubtful. Although Syria may be guilty of arming Hezbollah and other terroristic acts, the issue remains that Pelosi should not have gone to negotiate with Syria anyway.